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Axeia : Manila Southwoods Peak V For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Meranti Single Detached ₱ 13,674,000 158.14 sqm
Acacia I Single Detached ₱ 13,674,000 225 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
A.) Package: LOT ONLY
Financing Scheme: IN-HOUSE FINANCING
Lot Area: 301 Sq.m. (regular lot) Price per sq.m. = Php 9,000
TOTAL PRICE: Php 2,709,000
30% Equity: 812,700
RES. FEE: 50,000
Net cash Req.: 762,700
NCR in 6 mos: 127,116
70% Loan Amount: Php 1,896,300 1 yr= 158,025 / 5 yrs = 45,112.84 / 10 yrs = 34,168.52
B.) Package: HOUSE AND LOT
Financing Scheme: IN-HOUSE FINANCING
Floor Area: 203 Sq.m.: Lot Area: 340 Sq.m. (regular lot)
TOTAL PRICE: Php 7,423,500
12% EVAT: Php 848,400
TCP + EVAT: 8,271,900
20% EQUITY: 1,654,380
Net Cash Required: 1,604,380
NCR in 6 mos.: 267,396.67
80% Loan Amount: 6,617,520
1 year: 551,460
5 years: 157,430
10 years: 119,237.92


Manila Southwoods Peak V: Take A Leap in Success

Manila Southwoods Peak V is beyond doubt the greatest investment you can have to amplify the peak of your success in life. It’s undeniably breathtaking for every aspiring homeowner out there given the edge you will have in this community. Its location in Carmona, Cavite brings you accessibility like no other with its key establishments and services. The place itself is a paradise with its world-class amenities you won’t ever find in other house developments. It provides you safety and security for your confidence that you’re only getting the best treatment. The varied sports and activities you will get to experience are remarkably grand not only for the present times but for your future as well.

 Your dream home doesn’t have to be complicated at all. With Manila Southwoods Peak V, you get to invest in a place which grows its value as time passes by. Cavite is now one of the most sought after locations given its thriving environment and pool of opportunities. Dive in to greater accomplishments in life as you equally reward yourself with a home that will satisfy all your needs and wants. This is the place to grow as an individual and as a family. It is the perfect venture for you to embrace the beauty of nature while still being balance with modern desires. This is the peak of your success. Manila Southwoods Peak V is the one for you.

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